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Today Launched New MLM | Best MLM Plan 2019 | New MLM Companies 2019 | New Mlm Plan 2019 | mlm plan

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*About 18k Ronaldhino*

1. It started as *18k Watches* in 2015, a brand of Unisex watches and a very successful company in the USA.

2. In *2019* a new Digital Channel was created to tap into the digital assests opportunities with Multi-level compensation, that’s how 18k ronaldhino was born.

3.In Gratitude to his Fans, football legend *Ronaldhino Gaucho* has taken the mission from Brazil to the world.

4. 18k has entered into the trading market with the *Best professionals* and companies of investment operations in the crypto currency trading and arbitration marketing. The company is therefore able to pay you daily dividends from the daily profits it makes.

*What you get when you Join the 18k Global Tribe*

1. A virtual Office
2. Access to 18k Watches
3. Crypto currency training
4. Daily pay up to 2%
5. Bonus Points
6. Other Rewards

*How to Participate and Join the 18k Tribe*

_1. Buy any of the following packages_

_*You get Up to 2% daily on your selected package*_

*Passport:* 30$
*Start:* 150$
*Start Plus:* 300$
*Professional:* 450$
*Professional Plus:* 1050$
*Premium:* 2100$
*Premium Plus:* 4200$
*Executive Pack:* 12000$

NB: Any package you buy will earn you 2% of your investment daily, Monday to Friday, *for 200 days.*

However, you can withdraw anytime your account in the virtual office hits 50$

After 200 days, your contract expires and you can either re-invest or upgrade to the next higher package.

*Other Earnings*

1. _Referal Bonus-_ When you refer someone to the company and they buy a package, *the company pays 7%* to your account instantly.

2. _Binary Bonus -_ Each time you refer someone to the company, and they refer someone as well, you end up building a network of investors. The company recognizes your efforts and rewards you with *10% bonuses* on your team.

*Graduation and levels*

Each amount invested gets you awarded points. This points are accumulated from your entire network and graduates you to more possible income opportunities.

1. 120k Badge (120,000 points) – Rewarded * iPhone x or 2000$

2. Director Badge – (300,000 points) – Rewarded a Trip to Dubai ( 10,000$ )

3. Director 18k – (1.2 milion Points) Rewarded Merc Benz C class

4. President – ( 3m points) Rewarded a Posrche Macan or (100000$)

5. President 18k – (10m points) Rewarded a Ferrari or 210000$
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