The Most Effective Way to Prospect on Social Media (Network Marketing)

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Let’s talk about how to prospect in Network Marketing. Prospecting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram,… is about you reaching out to people and having a conversation to see if they’re open to the business opportunity.

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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Be a professional conversation starter
01:01 – It’s easier to take “The Easy Way”
01:23 – You have to do the work
02:01 – It’s NetWORK Marketing, not NOTwork Marketing
02:32 – How to figure out what works best for you
03:18 – Stop thinking about what other people say and star doing this!

As a Network Marketer, you are a professional conversation starter.

Your mindset needs to be: create conversations, build relationships & help other people grow.

But you need to be proactive and focused on your money making activities too.

The most effective way to prospect is NOT waiting to see if your prospects will ask you about the business.

People think this is “The Easy Way”.
This is the path of least resistance, and you need to avoid it.

Rejection is hard, I know!

But once you get into motion, you learn, you grow, you achieve!

So what’s the most effective way to prospect?

It’s you, working toward your goals, doing the work, talking to people, popping the question, building relationships.

There’s no right or wrong, you just gotta do it!

Don’t stay in scared mode!

Remember, before you’re the best, you gotta be the worst!

Do it scared… but DO YOUR BEST!

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