So many MLM FAILS | The sorry excuse for Secrets to Success with an MLM Company

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Today we’re going to dissect and debunk what so many different reps say from different MLM companies, so grab a snack and a drink!
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Report to the FTC


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If you’re curious to where the 99% statistic comes from (with the reps making little to no money)here you go:
That statistic comes from a report done by Jon M. Taylor PhD called “the Case (For And) Against Multi-Level Marketing” which the FTC studied and verified. The report in entirety can be found on the FTC website (which I will leave linked below for you). The report is 40 pages long so if you are only looking for the statistic skip to Chapter 7: MLM’s abysmal numbers. His statistics were independently verified by other experts prior to being given to the FTC as listed in the appendix. Other experts such as Robert Fitzpatrick have also done their own independent studies and came up with the exact same numbers.

FTC: MLM vs Pyramid Scheme article