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Call you mine: electric boogaloo AWOOGA
LET’S CUT TO THE CHASE! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO THOSE WHO ARE WATCHING THIS WHILE IT’S PREMIERING! I hope everyone’s having a splendid day ahead! I’ll be honest, this was (once again) a race against the clock to finish as we had strict deadlines for the Valentines MAPhaton, and I can’t thank my participants enough for the hard work all of them have placed into this project on making it stunning and alive at the end of the day! I’m so glad this project held a lot of interest towards people, and who knows, I might host one for this year’s pride month!

This MAP focuses on MLM/Gay Warrior Cat ships! While their wearing accessories like hats, scarfs, etc with pride colours to show off their head cannon sexuality! If you’re still confused by the concept, hit the link to the MAP call for more info! The ships used in the video are below! You may disagree with these ships, but please keep that to yourself and praise the participants for their dedication and talent instead! That’s all we ever want!
PLAYLIST(will be updated once more parts are uploaded):

INTRO – Basil Kat + CrispyKii (Sunstar x Thrushpelt)
1 – daisyrazors + Kookie Krumblez (Crowfeather x Harespring)
2 – Hiuslanka (Firestar x Longtail)
3 – melowon_z (Antpelt x Breezepelt)
4 – DaVinci 131 + Rice Rain (Rootspring x Shadowsight)
5 – JulianOliver (Ravenpaw x Barley)
6 – Chrizka + Wolfie249 + ItsaYsa (Bone x Scourge)
7 – Kayds* (River Ripple x Gray Wing)
8 – CryptidBunny (Thrushpelt x Oakheart)
9 – Basil Kat (Longtail x Firestar)
10 – Lady Helio (Thrushpelt x Oakheart)
11 – Swapless Dubs (Jake x Tallstar)
12 – Hiuslanka + JulianOliver + Rice Rain (Fireheart x Graystripe)
13 – PHOENIIXALIKAN + SkeleTons (Shadowsight x Rootspring)
14 – Munaca Cair + JulianOliver + melowon_z (Stormfur x Crowfeather)
OUTRO 1 – Pyxaanthal + SOK-12 (Brambleclaw x Crowfeather)
OUTRO 2 – Basil Kat (Tigerheart x Mousewhisker)

Thumbnail: daisyrazors (Crowfeather x Harespring/star)

And all the artwork shown are by the participants themselves!

-Song: Safe and Sound: covered by Sam Tsui & KHS
-Credit song: Sweater Weather covered by Joel Sunny Violin
Therapy? Let’s be honest, everyone needs it after this.
Feel free to pay for it as well.