r/Anti-MLM | They DRANK Their MLM Cleaning Product | Ep. 4

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Hey guys! Back today with another episode r/antimlm. Hope you enjoy!


Nope. Not even remotely possible. They can’t really fall for this nonsense can they? from antiMLM

I spent waaay too much time on amway from antiMLM

Living it up taking her husband on a date to Wendy’s and a movie with all the money she made. from antiMLM

Old high school friend recently graduated college and instantly started a MLM, such a waste. Side note: I think her math is a little off from antiMLM

A dumb cousin of mine fell down… then she learned her lesson. from antiMLM

The "rough couple of years" was thousands in credit card debt and cutting herself off from her support system to move to the middle of nowhere Alabama. Now she’s back full swing with the MLM. from antiMLM

We were approached but a couple regarding "mentorship" from antiMLM

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