Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts – BEST MLM Scripts To Recruit More People on Social Media

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Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts – BEST MLM Scripts To Recruit More People on Social Media

In this video I share with you my TOP Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts for you to be able to recruit more people into your Network Marketing business using Social Media.

More specifically, I will be revealing you my 2-Step process that will allow your Network Marketing prospects on Social Media to go from strangers into friends and then from friends into family.

STEP 1) F.A.M.

Find. Add. Message.

You Find someone on Social Media (for example on Facebook or Instagram).
You Add that person (you send them a friend request or you follow them).
You message them (using Messenger or the DM feature).

STEP 2) Messenger Mountain

The goal of the mountain is to get to the sign at the top and there are 2 ways of doing it, as I show you in the video.

The “Direct” way is where you’re gonna get “rejection rocks”; it’s very steep but it’s shorter.

The “Relationship Building” way is a shallower way to get to the top, but eventually you will have to face the “monster of the mountain”… YOU!

The key to a highly successful Network Marketing recruiting script is to position your invite for what your prospect is interested in.

A key mistake that most new Network Marketers make is that they are in “pitch mode”.

They have the wrong mindset about sales, selling, and sharing their business with people.

They have the mindset of how can I sell this person instead of how can I help this person.

This is a crucial mindset shift you need to have if you want to be successful in Network Marketing and become a top earner.

I see too many Network Marketers struggle because they are just trying to sell the features of their products and business, and most people actually don’t really care.

The reality is that people buy your products or sign up in your Network Marketing business because of the benefits it gives them.

When you shift your presentation and invite and MLM recruiting scripts to focus on what benefits your prospects will gain, you’ll have a much easier time inviting.

That’s why, throughout the video, I share with you multiple Network Marketing prospecting scripts that are proven to work, and that will help you master how to invite, follow up and close your prospects on Social Media like never before.

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