Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Money Circulation Schemes are being promoted in the name of Direct Marketing (DM), Multi-Level Marketing schemes (MLM), Network Marketing (NWM), Referral Marketing, Introduction Marketing, Chain Marketing etc.,.
These schemes are nothing but camouflaged Money Circulation Schemes. In the front end the promoters display products and services at the back end it is nothing but Money Circulation Schemes banned under the provisions of Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act 1978
To divert the attention of the public as well as the Law Enforcement Agencies and to cover up their illegal activity of Money Circulation Schemes they display products and services
Product is only a bait but end result is Money Circulation Scheme
Money Circulation Scheme means any scheme by whatever name called wherein the person has to enrol into the scheme through an already enrolled member by subscribing to the scheme by paying initial kit/membership amount and purchasing goods and services, wherein by this the introducer of the enrolled member will get benefits (easy money) and the company which promotes the scheme earns quick money. The enrolled member again has to enrol further members to get his amount back and also the benefits. By this the promoter of the company by just promoting the scheme gets benefits and the person who enrols at the initial of the scheme reaps the benefits
By enrollment into such a scheme, one would be getting back the initial paid investment and keep gaining financially by enrolling new members. So also, the second set of enrollers keep multiplying and gain financially, fascinating every onlooker to get engrossed in such dubious money circulation schemes. Such a system of chain to work endlessly to provide profit to everyone concerned would ultimately breakdown at some stage, resulting in the financial benefit to some who joined the scheme at initial stages (they will be none than the promoters of the scheme), resulting in big financial loss to those who joined at a later stage. When a person fails to get his required clients or non-viability of the scheme but blame it as one’s personal failure. The gullible people are taken unaware when the real failure. The gullible people are taken unaware when the real picture of the money circulation schemes emerges. By the time the people realize that they were taken for a ride and cheated, it would be too late
The promoters promote their schemes through high profile campaign by using film stars, Government servants, Doctors, Engineers and well-known personalities of the society in their meetings which are conducted in Star Hotels, Kalyanamandapams etc., with a lot of fanfare. The public should refrain from attending such meetings