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Today’s video is a big one. In the wise words of Lizzo “I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE!” Recently a previous #ANTIMLM creator decided to join an MLM. I have some words to share. From being an Anti MLM creator that openly talked about doing it all for $$, to suddenly wanting to leave the community and talk terribly on the community and audience that loved her, to now joining a predatory MLM KNOWING that it hurts others. I am sick of people like this and I am going to say some shit. You guys know me. I am a person that calls out BS in the Anti MLM community and the MLM community. But today I want to make it known that what she is doing is wrong, she is not someone to look up to anymore, and her “influence” and reliability is in the trash. She’s ok with taking advantage of others and lying? Awesome. Then I am cool with coming on here and calling it out. Buckle up angels lol. We’ve got a video!

I also want to mention that the ANTI MLM community is such a strong beautiful thing. I will never forget to appreciate my audience and the fellow creators. If you have been affected, inspired, or helped by an ANT MLM creator please comment it below. I would love to see how these creators have impacted you. If you are looking for some awesome Anti MLM channels to watch here are many:
– Deanna Mims:
– Chelsea Suarez:
– Margaret Angel:
– Kyla James:
– Savannah Marie (And new MAMA! CONGRATULATIONS):
– Cruel World Happy Mind:
and so sooooooo many more!!!!!