DON’T DO MLM, KIDS! | LuLaRoe is a scam

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

A few folks wanted to hear more about MLMs after my other LuLaRoe video, so I went ahead and made this one. It’s probably less funny and more serious/depressing because the TL;DR is that LLR (and ALL MLMs) screw over their “consultants”, who in effect are their real customers (because once that inventory’s out of the company’s hands, they have the money, so who cares if you’re able to sell it and make your money or not?) and who are mostly women, often women who are already economically insecure and are just trying to better their situations.

I do talk about Athena’s Home Novelties as well, since I have the most first-hand experience with that (having hosted parties & having had someone try to recruit me) so there’s some talk of sex toys in the beginning. I’d totally get demonetized but I’d have to be monetized in the first place for that :’)

I do mean all MLMs here, too- Jamberry, Herbalife, It Works, BeautyCounter, Younique, and YES EVEN TUPPERWARE.

I’ve got a third video coming of alternatives if you love certainly LLR styles (including a dupe legging). They’re ALL cheaper cost than LuLaRoe, and most are better quality. And none come from PYRAMID SCHEME- I mean MULTI LEVEL MARKETING companies!

Comment with any questions you might have etc.!