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*MLM= Multi-Level Marketing. When you hear MLM think companies like Mary Kay, Avon, Beachbody, or Scentsy. These companies operate very similar to illegal pyramid schemes, but there are often subtle characteristics that differentiate them just enough to be legal.

Many people find multi-level marketing to be synonymous with pyramid schemes because of the recruiting model. To be successful in most MLM companies, you essentially MUST recruit a “team” or “downline” beneath you. You also do NOT need any credentials or background education to become a distributor for most MLM companies. This means absolutely ANYONE can distribute and promote whatever product the company distributes be that make-up, wellness products, or household goods.

According to the study conducted by Jon M. Taylor released by the United States FTC in 2011, 99.6% of people who buy into the “opportunity” sold by so many MLM distributors will LOSE MONEY. More recent statistics released by the AARP in 2018 demonstrate less, but still abysmal numbers at only one quarter of study participants making a profit- and of that 1/4, more than half made under $5,000.

Multi-level marketing companies are GENERALLY a poor investment, and supporting them by purchasing their products only helps them stay afloat. STAY AWARE. STAY INFORMED.

AARP Study-
FTC study-

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