What is the Difference Between MLM and Affiliate Marketing?

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Hello, today I want to talk about what is the difference between MLM and Affiliate Marketing. A little background about me is that I’ve spent many years in the MLM industry. I was in telecom, insurance and even health and wellness.

I’ve made some fairly good money in network marketing or what is called an MLM. I’ve also spent 10 years in affiliate marketing and have made some fairly good money in affiliate marketing. They are both different, but both can work.

What I really like about affiliate marketing is it’s a lot more passive. I stepped away for a few months did no work in affiliate marketing and made some good money. The same thing can happen with an MLM, however I would argue that there is more of a hands on approach.

With an MLM you recruit people who promote products. When they sale something, because you recruited them and trained them you make some money.

In affiliate marketing you build a list of people interested in a niche and market various products to those people into the future. There really isn’t not as much hands on training.

The second reason I like affiliate marketing and this depends on what you are promoting, but I really like the saying a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

This means that it’s better to get the money upfront. Guaranteed kill of 1 bird when hunting is better than potentially 2 birds in the bush. Murphy’s law is that whatever can go wrong generally does go wrong right?

What I don’t like about an MLM from my experience is that you could make a ton of money in the best case scenario. There is also the real world.

I’ll give you an example and when I did an MLM in the phone company we would recruit college students to change over their family’s phone service and we would make money. It sounds so easy right?

95% of all people couldn’t get 1 customer. It was very rare for someone to get 2 customers to pay out. So, we would have to come up with creative ways to get that person customers, so we could make our money.

To be fair affiliate marketing is a little of the same as well. Most people do not buy the first time they see something. However and this depends on what you are promoting there is a lot more money up front.

I keep 100% of the money up front. There is residual products I make 100% of the money from. Plus there are deep sales that I make $1,000-$4,000 per sale.

This is how you do affiliate marketing the right way. You could make even more money by creating a product and having affiliates promote it as well.

With an MLM I could get a percentage of what my team member makes that I recruited, but you have to recruit a whole bunch to find someone that actually will make you money. This is just my own personal opinion, you might have different luck.

The third point is that affiliate marketing you can have more of a labtop lifestyle. In an MLM live conferences, training and events really help a lot more.

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