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I was interviewed in the Wall Street Journal and a Washington D.C. magazine, and what they write about Network Marketing is very confusing. From someone who’s been in it for 32 years and made millions, trust me that network marketing is actually very simple. Here’s how I explain it…

01:07 – Which Category of Business Do You Want to Be In?
04:01 – Why I Chose Customer Acquisition – Highest Margins, Most security
04:38 – The person closest to the customer makes the most margin
06:37 – What is Network Marketing?
06:56 – How to Choose a Network Marketing Company
08:25 – You own the customers – unlike affiliate marketers, Amazon sellers, etc.
08:48 – You acquire reps (if available) and provide them training
09:16 – Comparable industries to Network Marketing
09:37 – Pipeline: How Sales Reps Acquire Customers
10:55 – There are no “born” salesmen
11:49 – How I ended up in sales
13:35 – What sales REALLY is
16:58 – On manipulation tactics and pushing too hard…
18:52 – My epiphany – here’s what people are missing
20:19 – The one unprofessional thing I see in the Network Marketing space
21:24 – How often should you follow up?
22:53 – Should you tell reps it’s not sales?
23:35 – What matters most – Quantity or Quality?
24:07 – The only thing you’re looking for in network marketing

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What is Network Marketing? (Very Simple Explanation)

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