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AWESOME MULTIMEDIA Pvt. Ltd. πŸ‘‰ *Subscription Packages*

πŸ‘‰ *1)* :-Rs. 7500/-*
πŸ‘‰ *Revenue Sharing 14% Upto 200%*
πŸ‘‰ *Team Maching Income 10%*
πŸ‘‰ *Redeem poin 1 *Unit*
πŸ‘‰ *Daily Capping *10,000/- πŸ‘‰ *Monthly Capping *Rs:-*3,00,000/-*
( 2 )Rs. 15000
Product, 32″ Smart Led
Revenue sharing, 14%
Team matching income, 10%
Redeem point, 1*, Unit
Daily Capping, 10000

πŸ‘‰ *3)* *:- *Rs. *32,000*
πŸ‘‰ *Revenue Sharing 16%*
πŸ‘‰ *Team Maching Income 10%*
πŸ‘‰ *Redeem point* *4*Unit*
πŸ‘‰ *Daily Capping 25, 000/-*
πŸ‘‰ *Monthly Capping Rs.750,000/-*

πŸ‘‰ *4)* :- Rs.61,000/-*
πŸ‘‰ *Revenue Sharing 18%*
πŸ‘‰ *Maching Income 10%*
πŸ‘‰ *Redeem point 8*Unit*
πŸ‘‰ *Daily Capping Rs.50,000/-*
πŸ‘‰ *Monthly Capping Rs.15,00,000/-*

*5,th, * Rs. 200000
*Revenue sharing, 20%
*Maching income, 10%
*Redium point, 27* Unit
*Daily capping, 75000
*Monthly capping, 2250000
πŸ‘‰ *Team Maching Income . 10%*
First pair defth, 2:1 or 1:2
Unlimited defth 1:1

πŸ™‹β€β™‚ πŸ“ *Note :- special Bonus income…*

πŸ‘‰ *You must *2 direct* *same and big unit Like you then you will get extra Rs*185/-*

πŸ‘‰ *Per unit monthly bonus income up to *12 months*

πŸ‘‰ *On every next 2 direct* *same unit like you then*
*Rs *185/-* *per Unit bonus*
*income up to 12 months*

πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž *special Bonus* πŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž
*One introduction of 2 Subscriptions Packages of Same or higher Value s*
*10 days Since the activation* *of your Packages will get* *you Redeem point,s Till*
πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ *24 months* πŸ‘Œ
πŸ‘‰ *1st*
*10, Unit pair = Rs.6,000/-*

πŸ‘‰ *2.nd*
*50, Unit pair = Rs.25,000/-*

πŸ‘‰ *3.rd*
*250 Unit pair = Rs.150,000/-*

πŸ‘‰ **
*1000, Unit pair = Rs.500000/-*

πŸ‘‰ **
*5000, Unit pair = Rs. 15.Lac*

πŸ‘‰ **
*25000 Unit pair =
Rs.45 Lac
πŸ‘‰ *
*100000 Unit pair =
Rs. 2,Crore
Note:- ————
*Reward per month New Starting….*
πŸ‘‰ *Note:-* *Closing Date*
*1st, 16th* *Payout Date*
*10th , 25th*
πŸ‘‰ *Revenue Sharing monthly…*



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