The MLM “Girl Boss” Narrative is a Lie

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Internet Analysis: MLMs! Finally! It’s a long vid but make sure to stick around until the end. Thanks to Amino for sponsoring this vid! Download Amino to watch my series, Life After High School :
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0:00 – intro, what is an MLM?
2:20 – shout out to today’s sponsor, Amino
3:15 – why would anyone join an MLM?
3:47 – the perfect “Boss Babe” life… aka how MLMs target women
4:15 – moms and military spouses are often targeted
5:14 – whoops I left this title up for way too long but it’s not worth it to go back and edit it bc exporting and uploading takes forever BYEE
5:25 – MLMs are predatory, often specifically targeting lower income people
5:54 – MLM starter kits: business investment or huge financial mistake? distributors have to buy their own stock, and hit monthly quotas to remain active
8:10 – MLM sales strategies. Build a team, so you can earn commission from everyone below you
9:21 – message EVERYONE you know, and invite them to your facebook “business” page
10:30 – MLM parties + my first experience with MLMs
12:32 – shameless sales tactics. guilt-tripping moms for having jobs outside of the home. taking advantage of lonely people by inviting them to MLM girl boss squads under the guise of friendship
15:23 – more insidious marketing tactics, such as buying followers or otherwise artificially inflating your success in your “business”
17:11 – what about MLM products tho? are they worth buying? are they good quality?
18:15 – what happens once you’re deeply involved in an MLM? your relationships probably will suffer.
19:30 – the upline relationship is inherently exploitative. they tell you, if you aren’t doing well, you’re not trying hard enough!
20:45 – the perfect boss babe life is a LIE! let’s talk MONEY. how much do people in MLMs make?? we’ll look at some income disclosures. spoiler alert: the majority of MLM distributors end up breaking even or losing money.
25:22 – MLMs exist only to enrich the small number of people at the top. at worst, others end up with unsellable stock, in extreme debt.
27:44 – MLMS are a major scam and they ruin lives. but I understand, people take risks when they’re desperate for work. Please try to get a legitimate job instead of wasting your time, money, and energy on an MLM.

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