The Essential Oils Possessed By Satan – Young Living MLM – When Beauty Turns Ugly

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Young living is actually one of the top Essential oil sellers in the US who claim to us only the best organic ingredients and have been in business since 1993. With… an interesting history.

Founder Gary Young, claims that his first experience with essential oils was in his 20s. When he was 24, Gary young became paralyzed, he was wheelchair-bound after a logging accident at work. However, he managed to cure himself with essential oils.

Fast forward to 2021, now unlicensed Doctor Gary Young launches Young Living. An essential oil Multi-Level Marketing business/pyramid scheme whose focus is on essential oils as alternate medicine.
Some of their top sellers and influencers begin to leave Young Living after claiming that Satan and his demons have taken over the essential oil business and were being encouraged to hold seances with the essential oils.

Is this true? Was Satan so into the essential oils that he had to have a slice of the business?! Or did the former Young Living Huns have an ulterior motive?

00:00 Intro
00:48 What are MLMs?
01:33 Young Living History
05:37 Madison Vining Leaves Young Living?
07:32 Truth about why Madison Vining and Melissa Truitt Left Young Living
08:52 Melissa Truitt’s Instagram Story On Why She Left Young Living
11:42 Young Living Demonic/Satanic Book
13:32 Robert Tennyson Stevens My Word Made Flesh Book
16:43 Young Living & My Word Made Flesh Book
17:49 MLMs and Religion
18:37 Young Living Response to My Word Made Flesh Book
19:36 Did Modere Buy Young Living Influencers?
21:27 Young Livings Dark History
22:33 Why Are Christians Selling Essential Oils?
23:28 MLMs And Their False Promises
25:19 Final Thoughts
26:11 Outro

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