SPY KID TURNED MLM REP?!… Alexa Vega and Young Living

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Unfortunately we have lost another to a MLM, but this scenario is a little more serious than that. In this video I want to examine Alexa Villa’s relationship with Young Living and how she promotes them. Mainly I want to look at some of the suspicious claims made by her that may perpetuate misinformation as well as the strange lack of disclosure on the specific nature of her business relationship with Young Living. Reality is, Alexa Vega has a large following and she is encouraging her followers to join a company notorious for it’s predatory recruitment practices and the dangerous and wild claims made by it’s reps. Alexa Vega is also clearly being sponsored by Young Living, but giving the illusion that her and her husband are simply Young Living reps themselves with no bias towards the company. This illusion is misinforming their followers and possibly encouraging them to sign up for YL under false pretenses. At the end of the day, with great influence comes great responsibility, and those who actively mislead their followers should be held accountable for it (in my opinion)…

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