Reacting to Insane MLM Products (feat. Genetically Modified Skeptic)

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There are some super weird MLMs out there, but I think through some internet scavenging I’ve narrowed it down to the four most bizarre MLMs that have ever existed. Did you know there’s a deer placenta MLM? Sexual wellness MLM? Aphrodisiac coffee MLM? Meat MLM? I didn’t until I did the research for this video. They’re crazy! I decided to make it more fun, I would catch Genetically Modified Skeptic’s real-time reaction to being shown these weird MLMs. It’s priceless!

The MLMs we react to are Pure Romance, Meats4Life, Magic Power Coffee, and Riway.

This video and other videos on my channel are a great resource to use if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “are MLMs scams”, “do MLMs actually work”, or “are MLMs pyramid schemes”. Genetically Modified Skeptic and I have been researching and debunking MLM false claims for many years now, and I’m excited to finally have a platform of my own to further the antimlm movement!




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