My Sister Was A BOSS BABE (anti-MLM / pyramid scheme story time)

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Special vid featuring my sister, Heather!! Somehow she got involved in two MLMs… YIKES! Let’s hear the tea!! Thanks to Amino for sponsoring this video, please download Amino and check out my series on their app:
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0:00 – intro
1:02 – shoutout to Amino
2:21 – the MLMs Heather’s been involved in: Nerium & Worldventures
2:44 – what is Nerium?
4:04 – how were you recruited into Nerium?
6:02 – what was the Nerium starter pack / investment cost?
8:31 – are the products a scam?
10:08 – what made you quit the first MLM?
11:36 – the second MLM experience… Worldventures. “You Should Be Here!” fomo
14:50 – the time she tricked a friend into coming to an MLM party
16:04 – did you believe Worldventures was legit?
16:45 – Worldventures is an unnecessary middle-man
18:56 – when did you quit Worldventures and why?

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