MLM Scam Or A Big Revolution? | The Real Truth | Chain Marketing Reality | Network Marketing History

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

This video will clarify all your misconceptions about the network marketing industry!
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This video is also a reply to some baseless video on MLM by few YouTubers.
Watch this video till the end to understand this industry deeply and to understand why this industry got defamed because of some fraud companies or individuals.
This video will also make you aware of the history of the network marketing industry.
I agree with the fact that so many organizations did scam using this business model, but there are countless organizations that have enabled people to live their dream lives!
If organizations or group of few people or any individual did fraud, nobody can claim the industry to be fraud, that’s stupidity!
FICCI has declared this direct selling industry is going to grow rapidly and gonna create a turnover of 64500 crores by the end of the financial year 2025-2026
That means it’s gonna grow 5 times from now which is a huge growth during a period of recession!

I would just request all the YouTubers, make videos, but please make it with facts n logics because you are influencers & you are indirectly driving so many lives.
I hope you understand my point


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