MLM CULTure… #antimlm

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It’s anti-MLM time… Today’s video is on a topic that has been on my mind for a while, and that’s the CULTure that MLMs cultivate of toxic-positivity, love bombing, deception and much much more, and how all of these tactics are used to create the harmful mlm culture that we know today. So today we are analyzing the mlm culture, how it started and thrives today, and how to help those trapped in the toxic MLM CULTure…

Great Anti-MLM Content Creators:
Margaret Angel- Instagram @margaretangelxo
NOT THE GOOD GIRL- Instagram @notthegoodgirl
Savannah Marie- Instagram @savannahmariex

Why I Left videos:
Young Living
(definitely missing quite a few videos and mlm companies, but the list would go on and on if I added all of them)

Steven Hassan BITE
Kiki Chanel & Beachbody meeting

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