LuLaRoe: The REAL Untold Story. (Anti-MLM) (Pt.1)

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In this video, we take a deep-dive into the Soap-Opera that is LuLaRoe. Deanne and Mark’s exponential rise to stratospheric success in the MLM world with their women’s clothing empire has piqued the interest of many involved in the Anti-MLM movement, me included. But looking around online, there were so many Facebook groups and Reddit forums where people are documenting every move of this fascinating company – and I just wanted to make a kind of documentary – getting all the information together in a linear fashion and helping people learn about this crazy company.

There was SO MUCH information, though, that I’ve had to split the video into 2 parts! In this first part, we look at the beginnings of the company, how it is structured, how the demise of LuLaRoe came to be, and the multiple lawsuits they are facing accusing them of being a pyramid scheme and of not paying their clothing manufacturer $33 million for clothes.

Next time I’ll be diving into Deanne and Mark’s family (those who are also involved in LuLaRoe), Deanne and Mark Stidham’s lavish lifestyle including their multi-million dollar ranch, tax evasion, private jets and holidays on exotic islands, and Mark’s little habit of buying some of the world’s most expensive supercars.
I also look into why so many MLMs are based in Utah, their connection with the Mormon church, and where all of that money from MLMs is REALLY going.

I have to give special thanks to Becca Peter and also Roberta Blevins. Their contribution to the Anti-MLM movement online and Becca’s amazing ability to find LLR lawsuit resources on the DefectiveDetectives subreddit has been an AMAZING resource for me.