I Found Illegal Posts in an MLM Facebook Group

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Over a month ago I was added into a private MLM group for something called Happy Coffee. After I researched into the MLM I discovered the MLM in question was called Elevacity. Elevacity reps make insane claims about their coffee, including many, many false health claims, especially in relation to mental health. Elevacity was founded by Robert Oblon, who also founded Four Oceans and World Ventures. He has been the subject of many legal proceedings, including being sued by two of the companies he founded himself.

This video and other videos on my channel are a great resource to use if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “are MLMs scams”, “do MLMs actually work”, or “are MLMs pyramid schemes”. Genetically Modified Skeptic and I have been researching and debunking MLM false claims for many years now, and I’m excited to finally have a platform of my own to further the antimlm movement!


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