How The ANTI-MLM Community Fell Apart.

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Since everyone has been telling their “truth” lately, I thought I might as well tell mine. Not to add to the “drama”, but to hopefully put an end to all this nonsense and re-focus the message back onto educational anti-mlm content and exposing scammers like I usually do. Thank you. This video is within all Fair Use Guidelines. If you feel any content in this video may contain copyrighted material, please contact the owner of this video through Instagram or email to discuss before taking action.

0:00 Intro
4:48 What is ANTI-MLM
6:05 Why MLM is a Scam
12:40 Why MLM Victims ARE Victims
15:20 Content Creators Policing Each Other
22:05 False Strike
27:50 “My Truth”
34:07 Roping Me Into Gossip
38:57 Gossiping Publicly
47:32 No Boundaries
55:10 Called My Videos “Hate” Videos
1:00:40 Confusing Dms
1:06:25 Acceptable Differences
1:09:10 The Departure
1:16:25 Conclusion

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