Forex MLM Companies Exposed: The Ugly Truth you Need to Know…

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

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Time stamps:
What is an MLM? – 0:56
The pitch – 3:54
The illusion – 5:15
The stats – 8:11
The reality – 8:55
Don’t pay for what is free – 11:30
The “Advocate for the brand” illusion – 13:16
How is network marketing different than trading..? – 13:43
More MLM stats – 15:55
Recruiting people into MLMs hurts them – 17:21
Interviewing Will about his Forex MLM experience – 17:58
But MLMs are no different than other company heirarchies – 28:32
The “Blame yourself” mindset & “hustle culture” – 32:17

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