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How Do MLM Prospecting Scripts Work?

You want to accomplish a goal with network marketing – and that’s to make a connection with your prospect to share information about your business opportunity with them and get them to agree that they want to learn more.  An MLM prospecting script might be what you’re looking for. A prospecting script can be one that you’re given by the company, one you create yourself, buy from a website that sells them or look for a free […]

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How Do MLM List Brokers Work?

Entering into the fascinating world of network marketing, you might hear the term ‘MLM list brokers’ and wonder what they are and what purpose they serve. A list broker is basically someone who offers up a prospecting tool that can help you in your business. You can choose from a pre-selected list of categories you’re interested in or get a custom designed list. Some MLM list brokers charge fees. Some of the fees are set up to […]

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How Do I Get MLM Leads?

Lead generating is not a new term – and it’s not exclusive to multi level marketing (MLM). From the meeting rooms of large corporations to schmoozing at events, leads are created by scores of people every single day. But what if you’re a work at home marketer who’s just getting started in the business and don’t know how to begin getting MLM leads? How can you get the leads you have to have in order to see […]

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