Better Side Hustle – Network Marketing or Amazon?

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Who makes more money according to the data? In this video, we’re talking about a network marketing sales rep’s income compared to Amazon sellers. Here’s a side-by-side comparison.

00:00 – Intro: Network Marketing vs Amazon Sellers
00:53 – Which Category of Business do you want to be in?
02:56 – On Amazon, they do the selling
03:50 – Amazon sellers by revenue
04:30 – Less than 1%
05:09 – What to sell on Amazon
06:55 – Startup Costs
08:55 – Look deeper to get the full picture
11:25 – Amazon sellers compared to NWM
14:39 – The Good: Why choose Amazon?
15:33 – The Bad: Why not to choose Amazon
17:38 – Competition from other sellers
18:54 – Inside Threats: Why not to choose Amazon
21:31 – Outside Threats: Why not to choose Amazon
23:03 – Which category of business do you want to be in?
24:15 – The Pipeline: How to increase your income
26:49 – Comment and subscribe

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Better Side Hustle – Network Marketing or Amazon?

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