Best time for Prospecting in Network Marketing during Lockdown | How to do Prospecting in MLM

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In This Video Mr. K K Sinha is explaining about how to do prospecting during lockdown in Network Marketing business. How to contact with people and how to make leads for meeting and MLM plan show. and how to build a strong prospect list. How to use smart phone for contacting and inviting in network marketing. Which field will be grow after corona effect and lockdown.

MR. KK SINHA is the best Motivational Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Life Coach and the author of two mind-blowing books “Aap Amir Banna Chahte Hai & Network Marketing aur Sales mai Kaise Machaye Dhum”. KK Sinha is a renowned social worker and media person basically belongs to Assam in India. Millions of people are benefited and transformed their lives through his training and free youtube videos.

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Tips to Run Your Business During the Time of Lockdown and Curfew

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