Anti MLM: Monat

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I was avoiding talking about Monat only because I used to (just blocked me on every social media once she stumbled across my anti MLM content lol) be friends with a Monat hun and I truly did like and respect her and didn’t want to attack the company she “works” for. However, with the change of recent events, I decided it was time to talk about them. #antimlm #monat #exhunbot

Hair Pro here on Youtube who reviewed Monat

buzzfeed article about monat suing for defamation

Sebastian Conditioner

Sebastian Shampoo

Starter Packs

Monat 2015 “Income Disclosure”

Monat Review – Nightmare Products and Disgruntled Employees

Monat Policies and Procedures
2.4 Page 3 & 4
3.6.4 Page 11
3.14 Page 14
5.1 Page 21
3.6.2 & 3.6.2. A Page 10
3.6.3 Page 10 & 11

Monat Compensation Plan

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