Anti MLM: Lularoe

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I cannot believe how many people watched and commented on my last Anti MLM video! At the time that I’m uploading this, I’m up to 4,000 views. I honestly did not think anyone would watch that video, so thank you so much for all of the support. Below are some time stamps, links to some great information about Lularoe AND, I started an Anti MLM Facebook Group! Also, sorry for the cursing in this video, I was really heated on certain topics.

Intro/Some Information: 00:00-1:51
Meme of the Day & One of your stories: 1:52-5:09
Lularoe, the background story: 5:10-9:43
Onboarding Packages/Starter Kits: 9:44-12:58
2016 Income Disclosure Statement: 12:59-15:32
Class Action Lawsuit: 15:33-17:38
The Market of Consultants: 17:39-19:29
Outro: 19:30-20:30

My Anti MLM Facebook Group:

Great Links:
The Untold Story

Class Action Lawsuit Summary


Class Action Lawsuit Complaint
Income Disclosure
Vice Documentary about Lularoe:

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