AdvoCare Changes Business Model and Terminates MLM to Save Face with FTCzoom 1

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On May 17, 2019 AdvoCare released an email to their network of over 100K distributors stating they were changing their business model and removing multi-level-marketing and going completely to direct selling, thus removing 3 out of 5 streams of income for its distributors.

AdvoCare has had an interesting road over the last 4 to 5 years. From multiple changes in leadership, changes in the compensation plan and terms and conditions as well as a very large and very public class action lawsuit in 2017.

Ashleigh Reeker sat down to share a bit of her and her husbands story as it relates to their time in AdvoCare in 2012-2017 and helps connect the dots and raises some red flags during the timeline from 2015 to 2019.

Check out Adam & Ashleigh’s story and their life after AdvoCare:

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