A Reply On MLM Scams, Network Marketing & Pyramid Schemes | Ashutosh Pratihast | Akash Rathee

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This video is a reply to dhruv rathee on his video MLM scams, network marketing & pyramid schemes.
I agree that many companies have done fraud in the market using the direct selling concept but educated people will understand my point that we shouldn’t target the entire industry if some companies are / were engaged in dishonest or fraud activities!
I respect Mr. dhruv as I’ve seen some of his good content as well but this time the video on MLM was literally without any proper knowledge & just because i got so many DM’s over my instagram handle so i had to publish this video.
I request all the leaders to spread the education about this industry rather than just motivation.
This is a priviledge for us that now our industry is in limelight & people are being aware about the industry, now it’s our responsibility to educate them properly and then the choice is totally theirs where they want to get into it or not.

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