8 Network Marketing FUNDAMENTALS – The FUNDAMENTALS of Network Marketing Success

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In this video I want to share with you my 8 Network Marketing Fundamentals – The Fundamentals of Network Marketing Success! I want to share with you why Network Marketing is a “shipping” business. You may think… why?! Simply because your Network Marketing Success and Network Marketing Business all start with a FriendSHIP! This is the 1st of the 8 Network Marketing Fundamentals.

Then we have to build a RelationSHIP! Your 2nd of the 8 Network Marketing Fundamentals.

Then we have to see who wants to join us in a PartnerSHIP! Some people have the EntrepreneurSHIP to then start the PartnerSHIP. These are your 3rd and 4th Network Marketing Fundamentals.

Your Network Marketing Success is also always going to start out as an ApprenticeSHIP and you are going to go through a lot of HardSHIP, but with your MentorSHIP you are going to create LeaderSHIP until one day you win a ChampionSHIP! Which are all of the remaining ones of the fundamentals for your Network Marketing success.

Here is the thing guys, when you are on your Network Marketing SHIP to paradise, you are going to be faced with what we call the SHIP storm. The truth is you may feel scared seeing the storm coming at you, and you would want to quickly turn back to what once was safe. Ask yourself the question, do you want to go back home to where you started, or do you want to go to paradise?!

Here is the reality guys, you will never get to paradise until you face many many storms. The first one you will face tend to be the hardest one, but after that it gets easier with each one because you will have experience. And that is what will help you be relatable to those newbies who are just starting and that is how you will be able to now help and guide them through each step, storm and hardships.

1. FriendSHIP ✅
We are going to go on social media and use my process FIND, ADD, MESSAGE to generate friendships. In the beginning it is going to be through ACTION Marketing and in the end it will be through ATTRACTION Marketing.

2. RelationSHIP ✅
We build that in messenger by getting to know people, through content that people fall in love with us through.

3. EntrepreneurSHIP and PartnerSHIP ✅
We pay close attention to those who have entrepreneurship to start the partnership; you ask them the question: “Would you be open to check out what I am doing?!”

4. ApprenticeSHIP ✅
In the beginning you will do a lot for little; in the end you will do little for a lot!

5. HardSHIP ✅
Then you got to understand it is a hardship. You are going to have moments of struggle.

6. MentorSHIP ✅
You are going to create mentorship through which you could help and guide people.

7. LeaderSHIP ✅
With your mentorship you are now able to create leadership. Keep listening as I am sharing my opinion on leadership in the Network Marketing business.

8. ChampionSHIP ✅
And eventually you will win your championship!
You will get paraded on stage, rewarded with incentive trips, you will be a 5,6,7 figure income earner! Life will be amazing!

These are the Fundamentals of Network Marketing Success that you should NOT ignore.

I really really hope that you understand this and take it full on! Commit to your Network Marketing journey and you will eventually see that Network Marketing success, I promise you.

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2:36 FriendSHIP
3:00 RelationSHIP
3:09 EntrepreneurSHIP and PartnerSHIP
3:26 ApprenticeSHIP
4:00 HardSHIP
4:22 MentorSHIP
4:51 LeaderSHIP
5:58 ChampionSHIP
6:51 Recap