10th, 12th, and any graduate jobs | work from home jobs| multiple locations | jio Recruitment 2022

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official Apply link for jio work from home: https://careers.jio.com/frmfuncwisejob.aspx?func=KXDwg1INMo8=&desc=8GyES+LxTYsY+mFzXdx1Rg==&flag=owKjsOqhxg4=

Jio Customer Associate is an aspirational program to connect women and youth to be a part of the Digital India Movement. It enables people with diverse backgrounds such as Students, Self-Employed, Homemakers, Field staff to support our customers with various initiatives. this is work from home jobs at multiple locations 10th and 12th and any graduate can apply this.

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00:00 – Intro
02:14 – Location
02:24 – Overview
04:00 – Giveaway
04:49 – T & C of Giveaway
06:34 – Deadline of Giveaway
06:58 – Overview of Jio Jobs
07:41 – Jio Job Search
08:05 – Official Website Link
08:11 – Qualification
08:38 – Age Limit
09:52 – Salary Package
10:44 – Job Profile & Responsblity
13:47 – How to apply
15:29 – Jio Profile Creation

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10th, 12th, and any graduate jobs | work from home jobs| multiple locations | jio Recruitment 2022

10th, 12th, and any graduate jobs | work from home jobs| multiple locations | jio Recruitment 2022